Churches in 2020

PASTOR: Praise the Lord.


PASTOR: Can we please turn on our iPads or mobile phones and kindly open our Bible software to Exodus 20:1.

When you’re done, kindly switch on your Bluetooth to receive the sermon… Please have your debit and credit cards ready as we shall now collect tithes and offering.

You can connect to the church WiFi using password Lord1234 and as for the renovation donations, you’re welcome to contribute via debit card or mobile banking. The holy atmosphere is truly electric as the iPads beep and flicker.

CHURCH SECRETARY: This week’s meetings will be held on the various Whatsapp groups, so please don’t miss out!

Saturday Bible teachings will be held live on Skype @1700hrs GMT. By the way, you may follow the Pastor on Twitter for counseling and don’t forget our weekly prayers on YouTube. God bless You All.


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