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With a great vision from God,ChristianPortal started the partner’s plan as a special way of blessing to young Children and youth. ChristianPortal suports all those young worriers in christ. It is inspiring thousands of young people in India, this portal offers an opportunity for the servents of God a partnership in the website to spred the word of God through the means of technology.

Servents of God are invited for this online ministry as most of the young generation like to spend more time on computers, lapttop, smart phone, etc…

Ministry to youth is difficult but rewarding. When an old person is saved, his soul alone is saved. When a youngster is saved, his life is also saved. In the bible God usually chooses young people for most challenging tasks. Youth must be given active role in the Church. With enough of freedom and guidance, they will accomplish fantastic things.

Here is the promise for every Young partner of ChristianPortal.

“You will find your Joy in the Lord, and I will cause you to ride on the heights of the Land.” Isaiah 58:14

Benefits to Partner

Create your website with
1. Setup domain with christianportal (ex:
2. Guidance will be provided for updating events, messages, songs, etc…
3. Online support will be given
4. Edit and Delete access will be provided

Price: 1000/-per year

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