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“Broken Noses” – A boy boxer documentary


“Broken Noses” is a documentary about a boxer, Andy Minsker, who was never able to make it big, but who never lost his love of boxing. Andy was the son of a boxer who never made it to the top, but through his skills and dedication, he gained a passion for boxing in his son. To pursue his desire to box, Andy takes young boys under his wings and teaches them the intricacies of pugilism.

Throughout the documentary, the viewer is led into Andy’s private life from his childhood to the present. Interviews with both sets of parents (his parents are divorced and both have remarried) provide some insight into how Andy was raised, how he developed his personal philosophies and how he became a boxer.

Throughout the film, it seems that Andy embodies his passion for boxing, and although he did not reach it to a fully professional level, there is no doubt that this young man had and even now has a passion that will not die. This can be seen in his interaction with the young boxers he mentors.

Several of the boys give personal interviews describing how they have benefited from training under Andy Minsker. He never lets them get too cocky, chiding them once they’ve won a fight, but rubs it in for the loser of the match.

In a gripping scene, we see Andy lying on the ground with a group of boys hanging around him. Even when joking and playing, you can see that they have a great love and respect for their teacher. His love for teaching the boys is as strong as his love for boxing.

While the film may draw in some areas, the overall effect is overwhelmingly beautiful in its portrayal of a boxer who is in love with his sport and who has a chance to pass that passion on to the next generation. One can get the feeling from watching this documentary that Andy is more in love with himself than boxing or mentoring, but that impression is not a fair assessment of this movie. This is a great boxing film that sheds a light on the inner workings of a boxer. A must-see for any boxing fan.


Source by Christian Jentz