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Everyday Magic, Ann and Emily


I have two surprising visitors this weekend which are quite short. One is Ann, who will say hello:


and the other is Emily, who will do the same thing her twin sister just did. SO Hi from Emily:


A big part of my love for them comes from the fact that we belong and we are happy about it. The second part comes from our mutual attraction to strange and glorious things.

When the twins come to visit, we rush to show each other everything that is important. They show me how my glass balls have become jewels. They scream for joy and invent new words as our big dog licks their toes. (Of course, Lickles is a verb that means to lick and tickle.)

We go and visit our creek where sweet moss grows and look for darting eagles in the sun and the shade of the water. If it rains at night, I turn on our outdoor lights and show them what it looks like to rain diamonds. One son shows them secret places in the house where they can read books, and the other son tells them about the great adventures he performs.

Our visit is a great crescendo of child-ness and I love it. My nieces, my sons and really all the children I know and love give me inspiration, hope and the greatest commitment to building a better world. They remind me how important it is to be a child of all ages. I love Mary Baker Eddy’s quote when she says:

“Dear children, the world needs you – and more like children than men and women: it needs your innocence, selflessness, faithful love, unclean life. And do not lose them through contact with the world. What greater ambition is there to uphold what Jesus loved, and to know that your example more than words creates morality for humanity! “(From Various Scriptures, p. 110)

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