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Fill in what is empty, empty, what is full


I recently watched this movie on Direct TV called “Rescue Dawn” with Christian Bale, and I was inspired by this man’s story as well as the actors who played these very unromatic but realistic roles.

The film is based on a true story of a man, an American fighter pilot – Dieter Dengler, who struggles to survive after his plane was shot down during war. He was found, tortured and sent to a prison camp run by peasants. The movie is not easy to watch, but the significance is powerful because he is the only one out of five other POWs / men (some of whom have been in camp for over two years) requiring him / her to come out! Dieter said, “We have to figure out a way to escape whatever it takes because I don’t want to die here.”

I couldn’t help but think – that’s how many are used feel sometimes: Captured by our own “peasant” attitude, the small, defeated and frightened thoughts and feelings that keep us imprisoned in our minds and thus alive.

“Just stay alive, just come by and try to make ends meet, that’s all I ask for” We find ourselves saying. But it is not inspirational, nor does it reveal any HEART or passion!

This man, Dieter was passionate about his freedom and he wasn’t about to sit back and let his freedom be taken from him – especially when the compromise meant slow death! Do I start getting the hair on your head to rise? I hope so.

Through a series of events, including torture, hunger, etc. – he eventually escapes to the jungle and barely makes it out there alone – he is finally seen by an American plane. When he comes home (there is more to the story, so you have to watch it yourself) they ask him what he has to say and here is what he says,

“Fill what is empty, empty what is full, and scratch where it itches.”

I found this statement to be hysterical and yet meaningful because if it is simplicity. Also because this man had just gone through what many of us will NEVER experience – thank goodness! And he came out alive, much thinner, but alive with the mind in tact. He knew the value of LIFE!

Dieter understood that life is worth something – it is worth living! Dieter was a German / American and fought as a pilot because he loved his country – and because of the freedom he got to choose his profession and what he wanted to devote his mind to!

But how many of us forget this truth? How many of us still carry on with our day and claim that we are the victims of our situation. Do you ever find yourself saying these things inside or out loud to others:

It’s not my fault, “

I can not do it,

they won’t let me,

I wish I could, but I’m too old,

I’m too young to do that …

I was not born into the right family

I don’t have the money!

And even. You get the point. We apologize for these excuses and it is up to us to choose something else. If Dieter Dengler can manage to save himself, so can we! –


Source by Cynthia Farsadi