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Inspiring Bible Verses – Find Hope and Repentance in the Word of God


Everyone has problems. I don’t think I’ve ever met another human being without a problem in his or her life. Problems and complications – heartache, headaches – are part of life, and signs of a strong person are someone who knows how to deal with his or her problems and advise others on theirs.

But that doesn’t mean you have to have a heart of stone. We all need a little help sometimes, a hand to trust, a shoulder to cry on. But at times, and we all have this one or the other time in our lives, when there is no one we can turn to, there is always the Word of God and teachings about giving strength and comfort – in the Bible. The Bible is a source of strength for a Christian. The Bible is always there when you need it, and always gives the best advice.

In short, the Bible is inspirational. If you are feeling a little down and out and looking for something to cheer you up, the Bible is a good source of inspirational biblical scriptures. Questionable? Why not get your personal copy of the Bible and start reading the books on Proverbs, Hymns, Ecclesiastes, Job and the Song of Songs – also known as Solomon’s Song.

For example, the story of Job’s trials. In a strike, Jobs’s health was compromised, his wealth taken from him, and the worst of all his children killed. Job underwent great pain and sorrow. But what he did not know at the time was that he was getting ready to become the centerpiece of God’s greater plans; Job held fast to God as he underwent his suffering. If you continue to read Job’s story in the Bible, you find that Job was the central character in a spiritual effort between Satan and God. In other words, Job’s experiences were instrumental in fulfilling God’s plans.

God has good plans for all of us. It’s just that people are sometimes too short-sighted to even glimpse the bigger picture, which is God’s will. You will not find a more uplifting and inspiring message anywhere than Job’s story of tragedy, faith and divine redemption.

There are other inspiring stories in the Bible. As a Christian, just give it time and get into the habit of reading the Bible daily. You find yourself having a more positive outlook on life as a reward for your dedication.


Source by Albert Seal