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Meet God’s special angels


Every religion that believes in a God has its own version of angelic history that deals with its organization, hierarchy and duties. Although guardian angels and archangels appear to be more related to Christianity, it was not the Christians who formed the conception of angels. They adopted much of their angels — fundamentally from other religions, especially Judaism.

Although the different types of angels are given somewhat different names and duties, all major religions agree on one thing – these special angels are messengers of God and come here to guide and protect us. Another thing that they seem to agree on is that angels were created before humans. The higher spiritual beings who are considered archangels have never “lived” on earth in humans or in any incarnate form. However, earth angels (or guardian angels, as we call them), spirit guides, and ghosts have had at least one (and often many) incarnations here on earth.

Although they have never incarnated, archangels have the ability to … and have been known to … assume human form to help in an emergency or when the need is greatest. Many stories abound of “strangers” who suddenly seem to provide help, but suddenly disappear again when we don’t look for where no footprints or any signs of being left are left.

There are many, many angels and archangels in heaven, but the most notable are the seven archangels that are: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Sariel and Remiel. These seven archangels are based on the seven Essence angels. Essences was a particular spiritual group practicing a more esoteric Judaism than is the norm more than 4000 years ago, and it is said that they were still present in Christ’s time.

If you notice, all archangel names end with electricity, which is the title of “angel”. The most detailed account of the Angels’ activities is given by Enoch, who reportedly lived before the flood (and was Noah’s grandfather). He was recruited by the angels to perform such tasks as being a messenger and a keeper of journals (writing) between angels and men. His accounts were written down and have been relayed for thousands of years and are now in the Book of Enoch.

Here is a brief look at each archangel:

Michael – His name means, “Who is like God.” Michael is believed to be the warrior, protector and defender of heaven and earth. He is the angel who is called upon when protection is needed.

Gabriel – Her name means “God is my strength.” She is the only female archangel and is associated with conception and childbirth.

Raphael – His name means the “Shiny Who Heals.” Raphael has the strength to heal the sick. He is also considered to be the “Chief of Guardian Angels.”

Uriel – His name means “God’s fire.” He has two responsibilities: the angel of repentance, the music and the angel of poetry.

Sariel (Saraqael) – Sariel’s responsibilities are more related to dealing with the earth angels in the form of the fate of such angels who break the laws of the universe.

Raguel – His name means “Friend of God.” Raguel takes care of the land, nature and her resources. He is also responsible for justice, equality and justice.

Remiel – His name means “God rises” and “God’s face.” Remiel is the angel of hope.


Source by Rosalie Smith