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“Shadrach” starring Scott Terra and Daniel Treat


“Shadrach” is an upcoming movie that is about changing times and the people it affects. It is 1935, and a black man, a former slave who is now 99 years old, has returned to his birthplace to be buried next to his family. The family, who now lives on the property, are willing to help, but the local sheriff is determined to bury the man under the law. Which means at the local “colored” cemetery of the local “colored” establishment.

Before Shadrach came to ask for the family, a young boy about ten years has come to stay with them this summer. The boy, Paul (Scott Terra), and the family’s son, Little Mole (Daniel Treat) become fast friends and spend the summer playing, swimming and growing up.

While the adults in the family spend their time worrying about surviving the depression and keeping the sheriff’s prying eyes away from their silence, the boys are intrigued by the mysterious black visitor. What little information the soft spoken man gives them only increases their curiosity. While the adults come up with all the wrong assumptions about exactly why Shadrach walked 600 miles just to be buried on the property where he grew up, the boys are able to figure it out.

As he speaks to the boys and observes their play, it quickly becomes apparent to them that he is not here to die and be buried, but rather to relive his childhood. Although he knows the end is near and that things will never be the same, he is somehow able to relive his own childhood through the observations of his two new young friends.

This is an excellent film about boyhood and growing up with unique performances from the two young actors. A movie definitely worth watching.


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