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We request you to plant a seed in this noble ministry. We know that God will not only bless many people through your generosity but also He will bless you, You can make a big difference with your support. You can be a regular Sponsor for these below activities.

Gospel meetings: ChristianPortal organizing Gospel meeting s in Major cities, Town, mandal head quarters and villages. Brother M.Guru Joseph is preaching the word of God and praying for the sick in these meetings. Depending on the place people from different background attending the meetings and they receive the blessings of God. Almighty God is bringing multitudes of people and touching them in a special way. We have seen a great movement in our country. We need your prayers and sacrificial support for these Gospel meetings.

Youth Conferences: Our desire and aim is to reach as many young people as we can. In Order to catch the young before they go astray we are conducting many Youth Conferences and one day seminars in various parts of our State. Through these Conferences hundreds of Young people are coming to the Lord. We have seen a drastic change in their lives, and they are added into their local Church. Praise God.

Free Bibles: We are distributing Free Bibles to Non-Christians who accept Jesus as their personal savior in the Gospel meetings.

Gospel Rallies: ChristianPortal Conducts Gospel rallies and peace rallies on Holidays. Going into the streets and preaching the Gospel. Brother M.Guru Joseph takes it as a privilege to preach in street corners and market places. Extend your co-operation to conduct a rally.

Tracts Printing and Distributing: Brother M.Guru Joseph writes some thought provoking articles which moves people in a special way. We are printing and distributing them in parks, street corners and market places and door to door. We are sending these tracts at free of cost to so many God servants who are conducting Gospel rallies. So, take part in this blessed ministry to share the Good news about Jesus. Write to us for more details.

Student Scholarships: ChristianPortal encourages poor students by giving scholarships. Many young people are being benefited by this program. We are paying tuition fee, donation for books and material, Exam fee, travelling expenses and etc. You can a sponsor for these poor students.

Social activities: ChristianPortal is involving in lot of social activities such as feeding the poor, food for leprosy, clothes distribution, Charities in slums, Conducting medical camps, Free eye camps and donating free spectacles and so on. As God inspires you can extend your help towards these charity works as well.

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