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Timeline – Miss Universe – The Olympics of Beauty


A chronology of key events:

1952 The first Miss Universe will be held in Long Beach, California, with 30 states and regions. Armi Kuusela (Finland) becomes Miss Universe.

1953 There are 26 countries competing in MU. Morocco’s candidate, Colette Ribes, does not compete in the competition.

1954 The second Miss Universe party game opens in Long Beach with 33 states and dependencies, including Honduras, New Zealand and Singapore. Miriam Stevenson (South Carolina) becomes Miss Universe.

1955 Surprisingly, Ceylon -Sri Lanka since 1972- is number two during Miss Universe. On the other hand, Cuba sends a post, Gilda Marin, to the global event in the States.

1956 Welcome to California! There are 30 entries. Finland, which won the title four years ago, does not participate. Carol Morris (Iowa) is elected to MU.

1957 At the invitation of the Miss Universe Organization, Joaquín Alberto Vargas y Chavez, Peru’s painter, flies to California to be one of the international judges. For the first time, Martinique sends a contestant.

1958 There are 36 nations and territories competing. Corine Rottschafer, the representative of the Netherlands, wins Miss Photogenic.

1959 Akiko Kojima (Japan) succeeds Luz Marina Zuloaga (Colombia) as Miss Universe. On the other hand, Miss England becomes Miss Photogenic.

1960 MU Organization decides to move the event from California to Miami Beach (Florida) Burma – Representative Day Myanmar – wins Miss Congeniality.

1961 There are 46 states and territories competing – from Austria to the US Virgin Islands. Greece’s candidate, Eleftheria Deloutsi, wins Miss Amity.

1962 There are more than 50 republics and dependencies in Miss Universe, including Luxembourg, Haiti and Tahiti. Hawaii’s Macel Wilson, Miss United States, is one of the semi-finalists.

1963 Richard Henry Sellers, also known as Peter Sellers, is one of the judges. Miss Israel, Sherine Ibrahim, wins the best national costume in the pageant.

1964 Colombia’s Luz Marina Zuloaga, Miss Universe of 1958, is one of Miami Beach’s judges. Manuela Stramana, Italy’s competition, becomes Miss Photogenic.

1965 Welcome to Florida! Twenty-five republics and dependents send records to Miss Universe in the U.S. The Kingdom of Thailand, a Southeast Asian nation, wins Miss Universe!

1966 There are 58 states and regions, including four former British colonies competing as independent nations – Guyana, Trinidad Tobago, Singapore and Jamaica. Miss Sweden (Margareta Arvidsson) defeats Miss Finland (Satu Charlotta Ostring) in the final.

1967 Venezuela’s Mariela Perez Branguer, MU’s favorite delegate, does not win the title. Bonaire, a Dutch territory in the Caribbean, competes at MU for the first time.

1968 Welcome to Miami! Entries from 65 republics and dependents competing for the crown at Miss Universe. For the sixth time, Okinawa, a U.S. possessor between 1945 and 1972, sends a contestant.

1969 New Zealand wins Miss Photogenic. Argentina’s Norma Nolan, who had been MU 1962, is one of the judges.

1970 There are 64 states and regions. Marisol Malaret (Puerto Rico) Contreras is the new Miss Universe. Miss United States, Debbie Shelton, ranks second at the global event.

1971 Lebanon’s Georgina Rizk, a model from Beirut, wins the World Cup, and Miss Philippines Vida Valentina Fernández crowns Miss Photogenic. Georgina speaks French, Italian and Arabic. On the other hand, Yugoslavia, a communist nation in SE Europe, does not participate.

1972 MU will be held outside the continental United States for the first time with the host country of Puerto Rico. A panel of international judges will select Kerry Wells, Miss Australia, as MU 1970. The judges are: Mapita Cortes (actor / PR), Earl Wilson (journalist / America), Kiyoshi Hara (businessman / Japan), Jean-Louis Indican (businessman / Belgium), Lynn Redgrave (actress / UK), Sylvia Hitchcock (MU / Alabama), Arnold Scaasi (designer / United States), Edilson Varela (journalist / Brazil), Line Renaud (singer / France), Kurt Jurgen (actor / Germany), Fred Williamson (actor / USA).

1973 Welcome to Greece, one of the world’s oldest nations. Bob Barker opens the 21st Miss Universe with 61 delegates from around the world. Maria del Rocío Martín from Spain wins the best national costume.

1974 Manila, Philippines. The government announces the closing of the Folk Arts Theater, venue for the 1974 Miss Universe.

1975 Miss Universe is held in El Salvador, considered perhaps the most successful of modern times. Micronesia, a US territory in Oceania, debuts internationally.

1976 World-renowned filmmaker Roman Polanski arrives in Hong Kong to be one of the international judges. Liberia – the second black republic in modern history – is competing at MU for the first time.

1977 Eight nations and dependencies in MU in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, are by far the most countries that have ever participated. New Miss Universe countries / regions: Saint Lucia (Caribbean), French Guiana (South America) and Saint Kitts (Caribbean).

1978 Miss Universe in Acapulco, Mexico. According to El Sol (Mexico’s newspaper), there are 12 favorites: Dorik Jellinek (Israel), Guillermina Ruiz (Spain), Alva Margarita (Mexico), Olga Zumaran (Peru), Maribel Fernández (Costa Rica), Iris Yvette Mazorra (El Salvador) , Elizabeth Ann Jones (Wales), Solange Castro (Curacao), Judy Andersen (Hawaii), Margaret Gardinier (South Africa) and Lesotho (Joan Libuseng Khoali).

1979 At the invitation of MUO, Julio Iglesias flies to Perth (Australia) to be one of the international judges. Venezuela’s Maritza Sayalero, of Spanish origin, wins the title. Belize, a former British addict in Central America, qualifies for the semi-finals.

1980 MUO is holding its 28th global event in Seoul, Korea. Semifinalists in 1980 are Scotland, Sweden, PR, NZ (MU’s favorite), Panama, SK, Canada, Tahiti, Colombia, USA (winner), Philippines and Iceland.

1981 Lucia Isabel Vinueza – she looks very much like “Madonna” – is Ecuador’s first contestant to win the Miss Universe semifinals in New York City, USA. She is an American educated woman.

1982 Cuzco, Peru. In the summer, Irene Saez, Miss Universe 1981, accompanied by Gladys Silva, Miss Peru 1981, travels to Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world.

1983 Swiss Lolita Morena, Miss World 1982’s favorite candidate, is the third runner-up for MU 1983. Abbey Scattrel Janneth of Gambia becomes Miss Congeniality.

1984 81 Republics and Territories of Miami, Florida. However, four countries do not compete – the Bahamas, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Transkei. For the second time, Guatemala, Julieta Urrutia, qualifies for the competition.

1985 Miss El Salvador, Julia Haydee Mora, is one of the favorites to win the MU title in Miami, Florida. However, ES, a war-ravaged country in Central America, does not qualify for the first round. Meanwhile, Miss USA & Miss Texas Laura Herring-Martinez is one of the 10 semi-finalists. Laura, who was born in Mexico, studied in Switzerland. Unlike America and ES, Dominica, an English-speaking island in the Caribbean, competes at MU for the first time.

1986 Welcome to Panama! Miss United States & Miss Texas, Christy Fichtner, is the first fighter for Miss Universe. Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) qualifies for the semi-finals.

1987 Miss Universe will be held at the Singapore World Trade Center. Semi-finalists in 1987 are Italy, PR, Philippines, Venezuela, Peru, America, Singapore, Sweden, Turks Caicos and Chile (winner). Miss United States and Miss Texas, Michelle Royer, are number two. Exactly Colombia -Miss Photogenic- and Uruguay-1. the place for Miss South America ’87 – not qualified for the second round.

1988 Thailand’s Portip Nakhirunkanok, who studied at Pasadena City College, wins Miss Universe. For the second time, Greenland, a Danish Arctic territory, is sending a delegate. Miss USA and Miss Texas, Courtney Ann Gibbs, is one of the semi-finalists.

1989 Miss United States and Miss Texas, Gretchen Polhemus, is third number two for MU. Sharon Simons, Miss Turks & Caicos, becomes Miss Congeniality at the 37th Miss Universe in Cancun, Mexico.

1990 Miss Thailand, Passaroporn Chaimongkol, wins Miss Photogenic, but she does not qualify for the semifinals at MU in Los Angeles, California.

1991 Romania’s Nadia Comaneci, one of the world’s greatest athletes of all time, is one of the judges in Las Vegas, Nevada. For the third time in the 21st century, Yugoslavia-Serbia qualifies for the competition. Bulgaria makes its international debut

1992 Welcome to Bangkok, Thailand. Semi-finalists in 1992 are Australia, Sweden, India, Netherlands, NZ, USA, Colombia, Namibia (winner), Venezuela and Belgium.

1993 Brazil’s representative, Leila Cristine Schuster, is compared to Jacqueline Onassis-Kennedy, the first lady of the United States (1961-1963). For the first time, the Kingdom of Swaziland is sending a national delegate.

1994 India becomes dominant power in MU. Semi-finalists in 1994 are: India (winner), Venezuela, Greece, Switzerland, USA, Italy, Sweden, Slovakia, Philippines and Colombia. Zimbabwe – a name derived from the stone ruins of the southern part of the nation – is making its international debut. Namibia -ex South West Africa – is the favorite to host Miss Universe from 1995.

nineteen seventy-five Welcome to Windhoek, Namibia (Africa). The highest number of countries in MU history: 82 republics and territories, including 8 African nations – Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria (Miss Amity), Seychelles, South Africa (semifinalist)) and Zambia.

nittenhalvsex Las Vegas, Nevada.Aruba runner-up for Miss Universe.Miss Philippines, Aileen Leng Marfori Damiles, wins Miss Photogenic. Japan and Gibraltar, a British territory in the Iberian Peninsula, are not competing.

1997 Semi-finalists in 1997 are: India, Venezuela, PR, TT, USA / Hawaii (winner), Italy, Sweden, Curacao, Panama and Estonia. Croatia – on 25 June 1991 it declared independence from Yugoslavia – debuts internationally.

1998 Twenty-one states and regions of Honolulu (Hawaii), including Angola, Guam and the Northern Marians. Miss Slovak Vladimira Hrenovcilova becomes Miss Photogenic.

1999 America’s boxer Evander Holyfield, 4-time heavyweight champion, arrives in Trinidad Tobago. He is elected as one of the judges …

2000 Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite, hosts the Millennium Miss Universe party game. Cyprus host Christi Groutidou does not qualify for the semi-finals. Chile’s actor, Christian de la Fuente, is one of the judges. On the other hand, Hong Kong – the former British colony controlled by China since 1997, competes at MU.

2001 Welcome to Puerto Rico! For unknown reasons, eight states and territories do not compete – Barbados, Great Britain, Cook, Denmark, Guam, Hong Kong, Mozambique and the People’s Republic of China.

2002 Albania – a former Maoist state in SE Europe – debuts! Venezuelan-born Natasha Vanessa Borger, Germany’s representative, is one of the 10 semi-finalists. Miss Russia, Oxana Federova, defeats Miss Panama, Justine Pasek, in the final. On September 24, 2002, Miss Panama succeeds Federova as MU. Justine is a Ukrainian-born Panamanian fashion model.

2003 Japan’s representative, Miyako Miyazaki, who hails from Kumamoto, is the fourth runner-up for MU. Antigua & Barbuda, a small island state by the Caribbean, wins Miss Congeniality at Miss Universe in Panama City, Panama.

2004 Semi-finalists in 2004 are: PR, Norway, Trinidad Tobago, Ecuador, India, Australia, Angola, Jamaica, Colombia, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Chile, America, Paraguay and Mexico. Amelia Vega (MU 2003) awards Jennifer Hawkins of Australia, Miss Universe 2004.

2005 Entries from 82 republics and dependents compete in Thailand, including four former Soviet republics competing as independent states — Latvia (semifinalist), Russia, Georgia, and Ukraine.

2006 Venezuelan-born Francy’s Mayela Barraza Sudnicka, Miss Poland, one of the favorites, does not qualify for the semi-finals, she speaks five foreign languages ​​- Spanish, German, Polish, Russian and English. For many years she had worked as a fashion model in Europe. In 2003, she participated in Miss Venezuela, where she was a semi-finalist.

2007 Semi-finalists in 2007 are: Venezuela, Thailand, Denmark, Nicaragua, Angola, Slovenia, America, Brazil, India, Mexico, Japan (winner), Ukraine, Tanzania, South Korea and the Czech Republic. For the first time, Tanzania, Flaviana Matata, qualifies for the competition in the United Mexican States.

2008 Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam. There are 80 countries and regions, including five former Yugoslav republics – Kosovo (semi-finalist), Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. Dayana Mendoza Moncada becomes the fifth Venezuelan woman to be crowned Miss Universe.


Source by Alejandro Guevara Onofre

Here’s how to get a man to marry you within 12 months


If you read this article here, you probably fall into one of two different camps. Either you are one of millions of women in relationships who feel frustrated with your guy because your relationship is not moving forward towards marriage. Or you are one of millions of women in the dating scene who do not seem to get their relationship off the starting pad. You may feel that you never find the love you deserve or start the family you want. In either case … time is ticking. Then you might ask yourself, “What can I do to get a man to marry you within 12 months?”

If you are already in a relationship, one of the biggest temptations is to give ultimatums to get that much sought after wedding ring. This can lead to a way to commit suicide. But if you feel the need to present your boyfriend an ultimatum about your relationship, it must be authentic. Ultimatums are common when it comes to women who so terribly want to get engaged to their boyfriend. The waiting game drives desperation (especially if you’ve been waiting for more than a year or two for your boyfriend to finally ask the question) and desperation can lead to threats!

When we talk about ultimatums, what we really do is use a decorative word for threats. Of course, women who use marriage ultimatums on their boyfriends do not realize that this kind of pressure and ‘all or nothing’ attitude often results in the relationship being subordinate.

So does that mean never using ultimatums? Are they ever acceptable? Only when you are ready to deal with the truth and act on the answer. If you hold your girlfriend a “now or never” lecture, you are better prepared to pack your bags and leave if he comes back with a “never” response. Staying in a relationship after saying ‘never’ only results in losing all credibility and leverage in the relationship. However; if you get a ‘now’ answer, your wishes have been fulfilled. Basically, you only need ultimatums if and when you are ready to hear the truth and are willing to act on the answer, whatever it may be.

If you are not currently in a relationship and you ask “Where can I find a man to marry you within 12 months?”, Where do you start? Many women dive into online dating out of desperation to find “Mr. Right.” Statistics show that 90% of women who participate in online dating sites all email the same 10% of men on those sites. As you can see, competition is fierce and can be unfair to women. You need to learn the best practices of online dating. Take the time to learn what you should and shouldn’t do about online dating before hitting the stage to avoid wasting time.

Have you ever heard the inspirational quote that goes like this: “Our character is what we do when we think no one is watching”? Yes, yes … that wisdom can also be applied to relationships. You can get a good indication of the nature of a potential boyfriend by simply observing what he does and how he treats others when it “doesn’t matter.”

You can tell a lot about a person’s character just by seeing how they interact with other people when they think no one is looking. The guys are always able to put themselves on a ‘front’ for a short period of time, especially on a date. But in the end, they will always return to their true character. To avoid falling for their action, see how they interact and treat people when it doesn’t matter. Honing in on someone’s actions when no one is looking is a good indicator of their true character. Go towards the guy with good character.

If men are not approaching you, ask yourself if there may be something that makes you ‘inaccessible’. Men always approach women, but there are a few exceptions that will stop them dead in their tracks: a group of women, a woman sitting down, a “mean” facial expression, etc. Maybe you are doing something that prevents men from approaching you?

Men act in mysterious ways, and the only thing they strive to protect most in life is their “ego.” Yes, no people like a broken ego. Because of this, men usually turn to women who look “safe” – rather than going up to someone who is likely to embarrass or reject them. Most men will also not approach a woman in a group of friends. This can be scary and make the guy feel like he has to impress all the ladies instead of just one. What I’m trying to say is if you want a man to approach you more frequently, learn how men look at certain situations and position yourself so that you are in a more accessible way.

Finally, your appearance is not the only thing that attracts men, it is the overall package. Too many women think they should be a “10” and everything else makes them go down. This results in low levels of confidence. Without confidence, your chances of finding the perfect man and making him commit are very slim. When it comes to attracting men, it’s not about a personal trait you may or may not have – it’s about the overall score!

I hope this has been of help to you. I wish you well on your journey. Of course, this is only advice and should only be used at your own risk when you consider what you can do to get a man to marry you within 12 months.


Source by Ashton Permewan

Bullying from celebrities: Jennifer Lawrence bullied as a child


Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence recently told The Sun that she was bullied as a child. The current beloved of Hollywood, it’s hard to imagine anyone choosing Jennifer Lawrence.

Bullying by celebrities typically occurs long before the person becomes famous. In Jennifer’s case, bullying occurred mostly in primary school, with some bullying taking place in junior high school. Jennifer told The Sun that she often changed schools because some girls were bad.

Today, the 22-year-old star’s inherent clumsiness is seen as adorable (she recently stumbled upon the Oscars and tore her dress at the Screen Actors Guild). However, the school nurse bullies may perceive her clumsiness differently.

Surprisingly, the girls in junior high school, an infamous couple of years for any youth, were “less mean.” Jennifer told The Sun about an incident involving a girl who wanted her to share birthday party invitations for a party she was not invited to. In true Jennifer Lawrence fashion, Jennifer handled bullying by “hooking a loogie” on the invitations and throwing them in the trash. Jennifer went on to express her feelings about bullying: Don’t be afraid of the bitches. As hard as it is to imagine someone bullying Jennifer Lawrence, it seems she has not let it get the best of her.

The Story of Bullying from Celebrity Jennifer Lawrence is one of many recent revelations involving stars and bullying. For example, Tyra Bank discussed bullying with Dr. Oz last year, revealing that not only was she bullied as a child, but later she became a bully to others. Tyra explained that those who do bullying actually hurt more, that they have their own inner pain and that they are like vampires seeking vulnerable victims because they are so weak.

Other victims of bullying from celebrities include: Christian Bale (frequent blows), Demi Lovato (hate petitions and torments), Steven Spielberg (considered a nerdy outsider and victim of anti-Semitism), Winona Ryder (hit high school), Lady Gaga ( didn’t fit in and felt like a freak), Chris Colfer (stuffed in closets), Megan Fox (picked on) and Tom Cruise (numerous fights).

If that sounds like a lot of fame bullying, this is just the beginning. According to the Look to the Stars’ Stomp Out Bullying Campaign, one in four children is bullied and bullying between children and teens and cyber bullying is at its peak at all times. Many celebrities use their stories and star power to change these statistics. As Jennifer Lawrence and Tyra Banks might say, don’t worry about the bitches; they are weak vampires.


Source by Albert W Walker

The crime and punishment of the machinist and Dostoevsky


‘El Maquinista’ is a movie about a man whose subconscious still makes him thinner and thinner. While I have committed a horrible crime, I have not been able to see myself as a criminal; in fact, he doesn’t remember the fact that I committed a terrible crime. However, deep inside his memory, he remembers his crime, and this makes him thinner and thinner, allowing him to physically remove his existence in time. ‘El Maquinista’ is apparently heavily influenced by Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. In fact, there are quite a few specific similarities between ‘El Maquinista’ and ‘Crime and Punishment’.

i) Similarities in two narratives

1. ‘Crime and punishment’ consists of three parts. Part 1 is the murder committed by the protagonist, Part 2 is his discovery and acceptance of the crime, and Part 3 is the rebirth of the protagonist. ‘El Maquinista’ basically draws part 1 and part 3 and focuses only on part 2. The main character in ‘El Maquinista’, Trevor Reznik, played by Christian Bale, is unable to detect and accept the fact that he killed one young boy; he has no physical defect, yet he is mentally distressed that he cannot connect his life and the murder that he committed. Raskolnikov in the field of crime and punishment also finds similar problems in accepting the fact that I have murdered a person.

1.2. While both characters have great difficulty accepting their crimes, they both choose to suffer to seek salvation subconsciously. Trevor Reznik is constantly losing; he suffers physically and continues to raise the level of suffering as more time goes by. Raskolnikov also chooses to suffer; he chooses to suffer psychologically more than physically, but the extent to which they both choose to suffer is pretty extreme, and this is where we find similarities.

2. Both the woman who comforts the protagonist Trevor Reznik in ‘El Maquinista’, Stevie, and the woman who comforts the protagonist Raskolnikov in crime and punishment are prostitutes, even though they meet their women in different circumstances. Trevor Reznik meets Stevie as a customer, but Raskolnikov meets Sofya through Sofya’s father; Raskolnikov is not a Sonya customer. There are many similarities in how these two women comfort their husbands and lead them to free their souls.

ii) Similarities in symbolism

Trevor Reznik is getting so thin that he barely exists physically. This symbolizes his state of mind, which is that he does not want to exist. More specifically, he wishes that a part of him that killed a young boy would not exist. Raskolnikov does not physically fasten or torture himself, but he spends a lot of time in his apartment. He also wants to remain low profile; he is not someone who wants everyone in town to know about him. While he is a very intelligent man and has a strong will, his actions do not indicate that he wants to raise his visibility.

‘El Maquinista’ is a well-developed film; the story has depth, and it’s like a classic literature. If you like reading a (dark) classic literature like Dostoevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment’, you will probably enjoy watching this movie.


Source by J. Watananbe

Fill in what is empty, empty, what is full


I recently watched this movie on Direct TV called “Rescue Dawn” with Christian Bale, and I was inspired by this man’s story as well as the actors who played these very unromatic but realistic roles.

The film is based on a true story of a man, an American fighter pilot – Dieter Dengler, who struggles to survive after his plane was shot down during war. He was found, tortured and sent to a prison camp run by peasants. The movie is not easy to watch, but the significance is powerful because he is the only one out of five other POWs / men (some of whom have been in camp for over two years) requiring him / her to come out! Dieter said, “We have to figure out a way to escape whatever it takes because I don’t want to die here.”

I couldn’t help but think – that’s how many are used feel sometimes: Captured by our own “peasant” attitude, the small, defeated and frightened thoughts and feelings that keep us imprisoned in our minds and thus alive.

“Just stay alive, just come by and try to make ends meet, that’s all I ask for” We find ourselves saying. But it is not inspirational, nor does it reveal any HEART or passion!

This man, Dieter was passionate about his freedom and he wasn’t about to sit back and let his freedom be taken from him – especially when the compromise meant slow death! Do I start getting the hair on your head to rise? I hope so.

Through a series of events, including torture, hunger, etc. – he eventually escapes to the jungle and barely makes it out there alone – he is finally seen by an American plane. When he comes home (there is more to the story, so you have to watch it yourself) they ask him what he has to say and here is what he says,

“Fill what is empty, empty what is full, and scratch where it itches.”

I found this statement to be hysterical and yet meaningful because if it is simplicity. Also because this man had just gone through what many of us will NEVER experience – thank goodness! And he came out alive, much thinner, but alive with the mind in tact. He knew the value of LIFE!

Dieter understood that life is worth something – it is worth living! Dieter was a German / American and fought as a pilot because he loved his country – and because of the freedom he got to choose his profession and what he wanted to devote his mind to!

But how many of us forget this truth? How many of us still carry on with our day and claim that we are the victims of our situation. Do you ever find yourself saying these things inside or out loud to others:

It’s not my fault, “

I can not do it,

they won’t let me,

I wish I could, but I’m too old,

I’m too young to do that …

I was not born into the right family

I don’t have the money!

And even. You get the point. We apologize for these excuses and it is up to us to choose something else. If Dieter Dengler can manage to save himself, so can we! –


Source by Cynthia Farsadi

“The Wood Gun” starring Arik Rosen


“The Wood Gun” takes place in Tel Aviv, Israel in the early 1950s. The war and the Holocaust are still fresh in the minds of the Jewish people. Searching for loved ones takes a lot of people’s time. Friends and family who were taken to concentration camps hang around a lot with those who have survived. The entire Jewish nation has been eradicated and transplanted all over the world.

In Israel, there are now two types of Jews in the cities: Sabras (those born in Israel), and those immigrated from Israel to escape the Nazis and the camps. While the adults are able to understand all the new changes in their lives and are ready to accept them, the children have a much harder time grasping the changes in their lifestyle and their neighborhoods. The Sabras see the immigrants as outsiders and intruders.

What we see in this film is a look at the prejudice and lack of understanding and tolerance that the immigrant children and the native Israelis have for each other. In the tradition of “Button’s War,” the boys form gangs and attack each other after school when the adults are not there. Even in the chaos, there are still rules that the boys have imposed on themselves: dangerous weapons are forbidden and they can only attack groups (“soldiers” walking alone should not be attacked).

In an effort to end the war, the immigrant Jewish boys one evening attack a Sabra who just goes home. Their idea is that if they attack him, the defeat will be so devastating to the Sabers that they will give up completely. However, during the attack, the boy’s arm is broken. Against their parents’ objections, Sabra raises revenge.

Using a new “secret weapon,” the native boys plan to kill the leader of the immigrants. Will the boys go far this time, or will they come to their senses before it’s too late? A lovely movie with excellent acting from Arik Rosen and the rest of the boys. Definitely a movie worth watching.


Source by Christian Jentz

Hot Christian Book Reviews – Always the Baker, Never the Bride by Sandra Bricker


In this book, Sandra Bricker takes us on a little trip down south to Atlanta, GA. I am a true “southna” girl who often travels / trades in Atlanta, so this book was a special treat for me in more ways than one!

Half the time I started baking for desserts, and the second time I thought “I know where it is! It’s such a southern thing. Oh my goodness, it’s so true!” Each character made me think of one I knew or similar situation. If it’s unusual to have a baseball wedding with baseball glove cake and tomahawk centerpieces, you don’t know how many die-hard Atlanta Braves fans are in Atlanta. I can see it happening.

For me, the funniest line in the book was when Emma’s mom wants to move her sister to a village in an auxiliary living in Sandy Springs, GA. She says

“She’s not doing well and I’m worried about her. I thought I might be able to get her one of those apartments in the Sandy Springs complex where Delores and Beauregard Denton moved last year. Peachtree something … Everything in Atlanta, Peachtree is something, Mom. “

I laughed so hard because it is no doubt true. How fun! It’s the closest book I’ve ever read that described scenes, places, and accents that are near and dear to me. I loved the women’s southern accents with words like “brutha” and “shugah.”

One of the real surprises in this book is the lovely recipes and tips. Yes, recipes! Just when you can’t handle yet another discussion about chocolate brownies or red velvet cake, you turn the page and there’s the recipe for the delicacy. I can’t wait to make them for my family. And look at the cake on the book, don’t you just want to eat the cover? So delicious!

Hotness factor: 3 stars This book was, to say the least, hot. It was more sweet and sweet than warm. Will it tingle your toes? Probably not. Will it make you laugh and say “aaahhhh”? More than likely.

Overall rating: 3 stars I liked this book because of the setting and the topic. I haven’t read much fiction with cake bakers as heroines, and that made it much more interesting. If you like TV shows like Ace of Cakes, Cake Boss and Say Yes to the Dress, you will love this book.

Christianity: 5 Stars The Christian theme of God that never left us and being a constant presence in our lives was very strong in the book. This quote sums up the theme well and is so beautiful:

“Vocatus atque non vocatus dues aderit. That means,” Bid or not the commandment, God is present. “

Summary of plot: 26-year-old Emma Rae Travis has baked specialty cakes and melt-in-your-mouth cakes at The Backstreet Bakery in historic Roswell just outside of Atlanta for the past six years. But here’s the rub about her job as a baker … Emma is diabetic. When Jackson Drake hears about this local baker who has won a prestigious award for her wedding cake artist, he tells his assistant to be safe and include her in the pastry flavor planned at his new wedding destination hotel the following week. Can these two ill-suited players master the high-wire action and embark on their new business venture? Or will they take each other down, without a net? And will the surprise wedding at The Tanglewood be theirs?


Source by Angie Lippard

Inspiring Bible Verses – Find Hope and Repentance in the Word of God


Everyone has problems. I don’t think I’ve ever met another human being without a problem in his or her life. Problems and complications – heartache, headaches – are part of life, and signs of a strong person are someone who knows how to deal with his or her problems and advise others on theirs.

But that doesn’t mean you have to have a heart of stone. We all need a little help sometimes, a hand to trust, a shoulder to cry on. But at times, and we all have this one or the other time in our lives, when there is no one we can turn to, there is always the Word of God and teachings about giving strength and comfort – in the Bible. The Bible is a source of strength for a Christian. The Bible is always there when you need it, and always gives the best advice.

In short, the Bible is inspirational. If you are feeling a little down and out and looking for something to cheer you up, the Bible is a good source of inspirational biblical scriptures. Questionable? Why not get your personal copy of the Bible and start reading the books on Proverbs, Hymns, Ecclesiastes, Job and the Song of Songs – also known as Solomon’s Song.

For example, the story of Job’s trials. In a strike, Jobs’s health was compromised, his wealth taken from him, and the worst of all his children killed. Job underwent great pain and sorrow. But what he did not know at the time was that he was getting ready to become the centerpiece of God’s greater plans; Job held fast to God as he underwent his suffering. If you continue to read Job’s story in the Bible, you find that Job was the central character in a spiritual effort between Satan and God. In other words, Job’s experiences were instrumental in fulfilling God’s plans.

God has good plans for all of us. It’s just that people are sometimes too short-sighted to even glimpse the bigger picture, which is God’s will. You will not find a more uplifting and inspiring message anywhere than Job’s story of tragedy, faith and divine redemption.

There are other inspiring stories in the Bible. As a Christian, just give it time and get into the habit of reading the Bible daily. You find yourself having a more positive outlook on life as a reward for your dedication.


Source by Albert Seal