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“The Wood Gun” starring Arik Rosen


“The Wood Gun” takes place in Tel Aviv, Israel in the early 1950s. The war and the Holocaust are still fresh in the minds of the Jewish people. Searching for loved ones takes a lot of people’s time. Friends and family who were taken to concentration camps hang around a lot with those who have survived. The entire Jewish nation has been eradicated and transplanted all over the world.

In Israel, there are now two types of Jews in the cities: Sabras (those born in Israel), and those immigrated from Israel to escape the Nazis and the camps. While the adults are able to understand all the new changes in their lives and are ready to accept them, the children have a much harder time grasping the changes in their lifestyle and their neighborhoods. The Sabras see the immigrants as outsiders and intruders.

What we see in this film is a look at the prejudice and lack of understanding and tolerance that the immigrant children and the native Israelis have for each other. In the tradition of “Button’s War,” the boys form gangs and attack each other after school when the adults are not there. Even in the chaos, there are still rules that the boys have imposed on themselves: dangerous weapons are forbidden and they can only attack groups (“soldiers” walking alone should not be attacked).

In an effort to end the war, the immigrant Jewish boys one evening attack a Sabra who just goes home. Their idea is that if they attack him, the defeat will be so devastating to the Sabers that they will give up completely. However, during the attack, the boy’s arm is broken. Against their parents’ objections, Sabra raises revenge.

Using a new “secret weapon,” the native boys plan to kill the leader of the immigrants. Will the boys go far this time, or will they come to their senses before it’s too late? A lovely movie with excellent acting from Arik Rosen and the rest of the boys. Definitely a movie worth watching.


Source by Christian Jentz